Communicating with your panel is one of the most important part of managing a good business. Thynkster makes this easy and powerful by providing a rich text (HMTL) templating technology, to personalize and customize your messages. You can easily create and edit rich HTML templates and text message templates with an editor similar to Microsoft Word. Using substitution variables (such as Event-Name or Event-Time), you ensure that the communications are accurate and that the templates are highly reusable. Furthermore, you can also create text (SMS) message templates that you can re-use to quickly notify your participants. When you start with Thynkster, you will have several dozens of templates to start with. Once you have customized your templates, you can automate your messaging as described in the following section. `
Put your panel data on-line using our secure database technology and make your information available 24x7. We use similar secure software the banks use, so rest assured your data is safe and we back it up every night.  You are always in control of your data. With our flexible Rights and Roles system, you can decide who can access or change your data.  It is totally up to you. You have a rich set of historical data that you want to use? No problem! We start you out with 20+ profiles and our profile designer module will accommodate any type of data you have and you can import them into your on-line database without problems. By having your data on-line, you can have your respondents add more information to their profiles, thus enriching your data. Once you start using Thynkster, you can have your respondents fill out screeners and profile data in no time. With our flexible screener designer, you can create multi-page, multi-step screeners with jump / skip logic to further validate panelists and their existing profile data. Screeners can be used to validate information previously collected (with the option of pre-populated answers or not) or to collect new project specific information. Questions can be single-choice, multi-choice, matrix, or free text. You can add images to any of the screener pages and collect feedback on them. Screeners can also be used to have respondents upload or download files (homework, special information ...). Once you have all this data in your database, we put the information at your fingertips by providing you with various search and filtering methodologies that are easy to use and gives you the specific information you are looking for. With our intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop search designer you can quickly create and save complex searches. Partial counts give you immediate feedback about how each criteria affects the total result. Criteria can be based on any profile data or system behaviors and can be customized to fit individual preferences or guidelines. You can save unlimited number of searches and results are returned in seconds.
With the Thynkster system you can quickly and easily create projects with one or more events. Events can be unique, or can inherit information (such as payments, screeners or notification schemes) from the project. Updates to projects are propagated to events as needed. You can publish event-specific recruiting links to Facebook, Twitter or any other web location, track activity into particular events and even limit the number of people who are allowed into your mass invited events. This is just the beginning, however. You can automate your work flow by categorizing respondents based on what responses they give to your screeners.  You can further apply automation by creating notification schemes that use your previously created email or SMS templates. You can set up a scheme for reminders, through email or text messages, and the system automatically sends them out, when you want them sent out, without you having to be involved.  This has proven to increase show rates and respondent satisfaction considerably.
Thynkster makes it easy to measure your progress and your efficiency on an ongoing basis. Every area of the system has a dashboard of the most important indicators. When you log in, you can see a live executive view into the status of your current projects and events. This expandable dashboard gives an intuitive graphical update of the events’ invites, availabilities, confirmations and check-ins. It also monitors automated communications sent to respondents. The notification dashboard gives you a quick and comprehensive view of all communications. View a tally of all messages sent by day, by month, or yearly total. You can also view any spam, bounce or opt-out statistics and details. Thynkster’s report center gives you an easy way to create and run powerful and sophisticated reports representing your panel health. In the Report Designer using drag-and-drop approach, you can easily create complex reports in a matter of minutes. Simply define your cross-tabs in rows and columns using main headings and sub-headings. Format your columns and rows using different colors and fonts. We provide an automated method of running reports periodically and save the results to be viewed on demand. You can schedule reports to run daily, weekly or monthly. These reports can be added to a number of dashboards for easy viewing. You can also can easily create trend reports that can track critical database metrics. Trend reports not only display key data, but also show you how those metrics change over time. Trends are the most powerful way to predict future database shortfalls and take early action before those issues become significant problems.
One of the best ways to increase the size and quality of your panel is to ask participants that are already in your database to provide referrals to your business. Thynkster makes this easy by providing several ways for members to achieve this. One method is in the members area where they can easily enter an email address and the name of referral. The system will then take care of the rest. Another method allows members to forward an email to their friends and have them sign up with your business. Regardless of the method, Thynkster keeps track of the referral relationships, and your business can choose to reward the most valuable referrals. However, you control the qualification process of the new referrals, before they enter the general population, like any other new member. We have seen a 10 - 20% growth in database size, in just a week or two, as a result of referrals.
As your business grows with Thynkster, you can choose to expand your offerings to various geographical areas, by using on-line focus groups or bulletin boards. The respondents are automatically redirected to the right on-line forums through the project and event management work flow. Furthermore, Thynkster offers an Executive Recruiting module, which allows recruiters to search, target and keep track of specific companies and their executives for high-value opinion studies. Thynkster’s Call Center gives the recruiter the information about who they should call. Recruiters are assigned by the project manager and they only see the lists they should be calling. A locking and tracking mechanism prevents duplicate calls to the same person when multiple recruiters are working on the same list. Screeners can be utilized to gather data over the phone in an accurate and consistent manner. The recruiters can get access to the respondent's data when it needs updating. A customizable call status can be assigned to any call and a disposition report is automatically created. The system automatically creates a Disposition Report for all calls made.  The report includes totals by caller and call status for each event.  Only active call status counts are displayed and completions are displayed in the color coded status bar.
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